Neck Pain

Canberra Physiotherapy Centre

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Neck pain is a very common problem with 1 in 2 people having experienced an episode in the last 6 months, and therefore perhaps unsurprisingly is one of the most frequently seen problems by our physiotherapists.

Neck pain can present in many different ways. It can be sharp and local to a small area or can be less intense but radiate across a broader area. It can refer towards the head and be accompanied by a headache, or refer down to the shoulder blade region and sometimes into the shoulder, arm and hand.

Common causes of neck pain include:

  • Pronged poor posture
  • Jarring your neck while exercising or playing sport
  • Straining your neck while lifting heavy or awkward objects
  • Working at desk for too long without changing position
  • Sleeping with your neck in a locked position
  • Chronic shoulder problems

Our physiotherapists thoroughly explore the history and possible reasons behind why you have developed neck pain. This helps to diagnose your problem correctly and decrease the chance of reoccurrence long term. Treatment often involves improving the mobility of the vertebral joints and strengthening the muscles that move them.

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