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Canberra Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy facilitates people to manage pain, improve mobility, as well as  develop strength and function. Personalised physiotherapy plans are offered to help people return to the activities that are most essential to them, while also building up overall health, fitness and well-being.

The Canberra Physiotherapy Centre is committed to providing  first-rate physiotherapy care with exceptional client service in Canberra. The clinic is overseen by experts who have set the highest clinical standards, Our clinic is located in Deakin, the heart of Canberra, with an efficient team of highly experienced and professional physiotherapists, psychologists and exercise physiologists who have expertise in a range of clinical areas.

Whether you feel pain, weakness or stiffness from an injury, accident, medical situation, disability, or an unknown reason, our team will carefully work with you to minimise pain and help restore maximum physical and functional capabilities.

Our personalised therapy plans cover all phases of your recovery, and we work closely with you step-by-step. We start with a complete assessment and consider all possible contributing aspects of your pain or dysfunction. Our patient-oriented approach is just another example of the care we provide during each appointment and the rehabilitation plans to help you recover mobility and return to the activities that are crucial to you.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we will ensure to collaborate with you to set up a plan that gets you back to your normal healthy self. We can even tailor your plan to add both in-person and telehealth treatment sessions, depending on your requirements.

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